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One of the four Inns of Court, the Honourable Society of Gray’s Inn forms part of London’s hidden treasures. It was founded over 600 years ago, and is an oasis of calm steeped in centuries of tradition, with rich and colourful history in maintaining the independence, quality and integrity of the Bar and the Judiciary.


The Inn and the Estate

Gray’s Inn is one of the four Inns of Court which have the exclusive right to call men and women to the Bar of England and Wales.

The Inn exists to support, educate and develop its student barrister members and to provide continuing professional development to its qualified barrister members in accordance with its historic traditions. 

The Inn has a substantial estate predominantly set around two squares, South Square and Gray’s Inn Square, and its gardens. The Estate contains barristers’ chambers and solicitors' firms in addition to the Chapel, the Library, the Chapel, the Treasury Office and the Education Department.


The Walks

The gardens of Gray’s Inn are known as “The Walks” and were originally designed in 1606 by the then Treasurer, Sir Francis Bacon, whose statue can be seen in the South Square.

The Walks remain among the largest private gardens in London: five acres of perfectly maintained park entered through a pair of impressive iron gates.

How to find GRAY'S inn


Nearest London Underground station is Chancery Lane.


The Honourable Society of Gray’s Inn

8 South Square

London WC1R 5ET